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OCR03380 - ilomilo "Iso ilo"


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Here's the notes that apparently fell through the cracks (though the write-up is now quite funny):

"This summer our family has been spotting flowers, which is what this song is about. The lyrics consist of a list of Finnish wild flowers. The arrangement was done together with Birgitta Susi, who sings. We picked some tunes we both liked from ilomilo as sources. She thought Esther might like hearing a child's voice in the song, so there's the daughter and me talking a bit about the flowers in the background."

There was a bit in the call-out e-mail about reaching out to artists who weren't exactly obvious choices. I never figured I was one of them! I wouldn't say this was out of my comfort zone but I guess it's different from my previous submissions. Big part of course is that it was co-arranged with Birgitta; we are long-time collaborators. It's great to have the album out!

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