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Guidelines for the ReMix Requests Forum


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The Requests forum is for you to post your ideas and requests for songs and games you'd like so see remixed. This forum is limited to requests for video game music remixes only.

Posting a Thread

Your thread should have a descriptive title, preferably with the games or source tune names in it. Don't be vague with topic titles, like "please remix this" or "can't believe this hasn't been done yet..."

If you can, include a link to the source tunes so that artists can actually listen to what you want remixed. YouTube is a good place to find source tunes, but you can also post Soundcloud link or links to the official OSTs on Bandcamp.

Be descriptive about what you'd like to hear. This includes genre/style considerations.

Don't post too many requests in a small amount of time. Try to limit it to one or two per week. Use your best judgement.

If your request is for a specific artist to make a remix, consider contacting them via PM or social media rather than making a thread.

If you're an artist, don't post a thread asking for suggestions of what to remix. Just browse the forum for suggestions, that's what it's for.


Be polite.

Don't act entitled.  Artists don't owe you anything. Your request might be filled, or it might not.

Don't badmouth OC ReMix or any of the music already on the site. For example, if you want a metal remix of a song from Sonic 3, don't complain about all the non-metal Sonic 3 remixes we already have of that song, or that you don't like the metal remix of that song that we already have.

Don't act indignant or fake indignance that a game or song you like hasn't been remixed yet. There are plenty of valid reasons for your favorite game or song to have been overlooked.

Don't post in someone's request thread shooting down their request. Anyone is allowed to request any game or song to be remixed, even if that game or song already has a lot of remixes. If someone wants to request more Ice Cap Zone or Schala's Theme, that's absolutely fine.

Don't ask for or provide links to illegal original and arranged soundtrack downloads.

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Be descriptive about what you'd like to hear. This includes genre/style considerations.

I was wondering if there is a recopilation of successful requests?

Just to use good examples, maybe words to help emphasize or specify details within descriptions.

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There isn't really a set "formula" for auto-successful requests. Any artist has the freedom to choose to do or not do these requests, but he/she might be more inclined to try if the requester is clear enough.

Here's an example to show approximately what a good typical request might look like (I just made it up right now; it's not real).


Thread title - Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon - Boss Battle 3 (+ other) remix?

Thread description -


I'm a big fan of Pokemon, and I've been listening to the Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon OST lately --- this track has a really cool upbeat vibe to it:

It would be pretty cool if someone could do a rock + Celtic remix, with some dubstep elements to it. Maybe add some violin solos? I can also see a sweet rhythmic breakdown working too. Oh yeah, and what if in that breakdown, you added some elements from this track?

If anyone could do this, I would definitely appreciate it! Thanks!

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