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OCR03408 - *YES* Chrono Trigger 'But You're Still Hungry'


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Remixer name: Marshall Art
Website: http://marshallart.bandcamp.com/
members: jmr (Jeffrey Roberts), streifig (Mikhail Ivanov)

Song title: But You're Still Hungry
Source: Chrono Trigger - Ruined World


Here's Marshall Art's take on yet another melody-less source, this time from Chrono Trigger. It's one of three songs we made for Chronicles of Time. (For anyone reading this who lives under a rock, it's a massive 5-disc fully-licenced Chrono Trigger tribute project. It was on the front page of iTunes next to Taylor Swift, so you know it's cool.) 

As per our usual, everything you hear in this song is a single NES (2A03 with VRC6 expansion) and umpteen layers of guitar. I'm particularly proud of the drum sound I was able to pull from the NES (which under normal circumstances is only able to pull of a single, lo-fi sample at a time), and I've gotta hand it to Mikhail for crafting the dreamy, shimmery guitar chords which carry the song.
Couple things which I want to point out in the interest of full disclosure:
- The melody played by the triangle wave channel at 1:38 is loosely based on the bass line from Lab 16's Ruin, which we also covered for Chronicles of Time.
- The dissonant bell sample heard at the end is recreated from the original Korg M1 sample and not ripped from the SNES game. I know how picky a certain company is about sampling from their games. If you're not convinced, listen carefully to the original SNES song and you'll hear the quick echo effect that I didn't recreate because I failed to notice it until long after our version was done. Part of me still wants to go back and fix that...

- The guitar at the end is "inspired by" the intro of Deftones' Pink Maggit.  I feel like it's fair to call 14 notes in a nearly 6 minute song an "extremely limited" reference, but I'll leave that for you all to judge.
All the best, 
-Jeff / jmr
Marshall Art


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What a cool take on such an odd non-melodic source.  I like it a lot.  I feel like the whole mix, and the drums in particular are a little more lo-fi than they need to be, but I assume this was a purposeful stylistic choice as it comes from original lo-fi samples.  It's amazing what you did with those samples.  Regardless of my feelings about this much lo-fi-ness, this works for me.


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  • Chimpazilla changed the title to 2016/03/28 - (1Y) Chrono Trigger 'But You're Still Hungry'

Very rich interpretation of a pretty empty source. I really enjoy the overall re-interpretation of the chords that's present in this arrangement. Changing things from simple chords to 7ths, 9ths, etc., and reinterpreting just what each chord is allows you to expand on the source beautifully.

The chiptunes and guitar blend quite well together. I'm not sure downgrading your drums through 2A03 was such a good idea - that bass drum has nearly no presence, which does affect the track negatively. The rest of the percussion is alright, but that bass drum is very weak. The end has about ten seconds of silence that should be sliced off, too - no reason to have that, there.

Thanks for providing the sample that you used - I think that should cover you, as far as complying with site policy for SFX usage.

This is a very powerful re-imagining of this source. The faults that this holds are pretty minor in comparison to what it brings to the table. It sends chills down my spine, so needless to say I love it.


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hmm interesting use of bitcrushing.  I'm usually not a fan of what seems a blanket usage of the effect (on the intro) but It definitely adds character here.  The bitcrushed triangle wave lead harmonics may be too much for some, I think they're cute.  The guitar lead is surprisingly fitting though, and a highlight for me.  The climax screams awesomeness and power.  I think you did a great job with the arrangement here.  Deftones is one of my favorite bands of all time (white pony is one of the best metal albums ever made, imo) and I loved the reference there.  Overall amazing work putting this together, these different elements could end in disaster on less experienced hands but you managed to craft this with expertise.


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