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OCR03387 - Super Street Fighter II "An Enjoyable Face Remodelling"


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First-timer? Really? I couldn't tell, 'cause...I like this. A lot. This remix comes in fast and hot, enjoyable right off the bat. See what I did there? I totally didn't mean to. Anyway, I have to agree with Chimpzilla. Shaboogen has made an excellent remix, and I hope to see a lot more in the future!

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Howdy all, thanks for the kind words.

To clarify the "first timer" thing, the version that you're hearing is a heavy revision that was 6 months removed from the first one that was submitted. The first submission was literally my first tune using modern production techniques, and was significantly worse :)

Also, while I'm pretty new to modern production techniques (DAWs, VSTs etc) I've played instruments for a lot of years, and also have a not-insignificant amount of experience using trackers.

So yeah, let's say "newer", not first :)

Enjoying the props anyway though, 

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