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OCR03395 - Tyrian "The Beautiful Spaceships"


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What's funny is that when I picked this game to remix, I was primarily trying to find something by Alexander Brandon that I hadn't heard before. So, I skipped over Deus Ex, Jazz Jackrabbit, Unreal, and then... I found Tyrian on Alexander's Bandcamp page. Ideas formed from there, and the rest is history. Glad you enjoy it!

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A tribute to American composer Alexander Brandon, this remix takes sounds and inspiration from a variety of sources, including Hunz, Skaven, Laxity, Sting, and yes, oddly enough, even Marilyn Manson (hence the title).

I can definitely hear the Manson influence. Not so sure about anything else (I'm not really catching the Sting, and I've never even heard of Hunz, Laxity or Skaven before today...)

That aside, I really enjoy this piece! I may add this to my chillax playlist or my work shuffle. Hard to call there, as it sort of "rides the line" in my book, but that's not necessarily a bad thing!

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