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Super Mario Bros - Main Theme Latin


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Really creative! Didn't know it sounds so great in minor. Just a few things I wanna mention. During the bass solo at 1.05 till 1.30 the whole major combined with minor sounds odd. I like how you threw in some other sources, but harmonically there are some things going wrong. I'm not really sure what, since the whole accompaniment is quite clouded in general, but it just doesn't really make a whole lot of sense to my ears. 

Another thing is the very beginning. The original first 4 seconds (The e-e-e-c-e-g thingy) is a D9 chord going to a G major chord. Since you went for minor it becomes eb-eb-eb-c-g, which is nicely the c minor thingy you've got going for the whole song. Instead of going for a normal minor scale, you choose a harmonic minor scale. Another great choice because you can then use the minor major root. So, what I don't get is that you choose a regular, boring C minor chord for your first 4 seconds. In the original it's a cadence, D going to G going to C. Now you've got C, going to C. It's bland. I suggest this: you should go for the D7 (b9) going to G7, then going to Cm. It perfectly fits your scale, it sounds better since it's a cadence, it sounds better because it creates some minor tension, and you stay true to the original chords (but then in minor). It's a tiny thing, but nonetheless a missed chance.

Nevertheless, nice job!!

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