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MAGFest 2017 (see you next mission)


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Magfest was a pretty unreal experience for me.  Thank you to everyone who came to see me perform!  I'm only bummed that I didn't get to spend more time hanging with friends--especially the OCR crowd (I had to miss BOTH PANELS!  UGH).  I guess there's always next year! (or maglabs/classic or anything else)

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On 1/9/2017 at 3:10 PM, zykO said:

guys, i didn't have nearly enough ocremix in my magfest this time around


guess i have to go again next year

I know the feeling. I spoke with Level99 at the DoD party, and briefly encountered Rama and Starla as they were leaving, but that's about it. :(

I'm really bummed I missed seeing DetectiveTuesday playing with the OneUps (although I happened to catch part of the soundcheck earlier in the day by pure luck) and missed every single time DrumUltimA performed (like, how is that even possible? he played like 16 thousand shows with different people!). Price you pay for staffing at MAGFest I guess.

In better news, the DoD listening party/panel and web stream went smoother than it ever has, and each and every MAG Underground performance is up on youtube, so I guess my work paid off. :D

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