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OC ReMix @ MAGLabs! - Sep. 9-11, 2016

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Who is going to MAGLabs next month?

It is the newly-named MAGFest Classic at the old location! Besides the elevators, the hotel was super sweet, and the smaller crowd it holds is a lot better for general chilling.

Nothing can take the place of the legit main MAGFest, but the theme this year is sort of like Portal, and features a lot of experimentation. OverClocked ReMix is going to be there as well, experimenting with some new and cool panel ideas.

Also, OverClocked community people performing there:



Confirmed OverClocked community attendees:

Detective Tuesday
Geoffrey Taucer
Level 99
Tom the Drummer



If you are coming to but aren't on the list, let me know so I can add you! :D

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It looks like we (Stargate) are playing Friday night. Not sure what time yet. It's an all new trio (plus some guests on some songs!), all never-before-heard arrangements in a variety of styles. Maybe even something from 3rd strike  ;););)  Labs is the only thing we've planned on doing thus far so this might be a once in a lifetime thing. If you can make it, please do! I love you either way tho...


:EDIT: 10PM Friday

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Augh, I don't check the forums as often as I'd like, but yes, both me and Jenner are at MAGLabs this year!'d be a bit odd not to go since we live like two miles away... No hotel this year though. KF

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