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Mega Man 3 - Spark Man (music video)

Lie Mf B

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  • 2 months later...

Damn, is it one of my favorite VG arrangers comin' back on the WIP boards, and I missed him? Ack!

As usual, your style just oozing throughout this track. The performances are stylisticly slick, and the overall production evokes that 70's sound in that way you know how. The arrangement is a little bit hectic, losing me a little at the end of the middle section, but it's still easy enough to follow.

As for the video, gotta love the American flag wearin' Swede dancin' with the guitar. Just can't beat it, really.

Interestingly enough, after all the years of making amazing music, I know that you submit "Sky Diver Inside Her" some time back, and Larry rejected it due to "sampled drums". Visually seeing you perform the drums makes me think you should DEFINITELY submit something again, since you do make great stuff.

Regardless, great stuff, and I hope more people check out some more Muthapluckin' B music because of this. :)

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