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  1. I finished another one of my emulation style remixes. All sounds extracted from the original games as separate channels using sound emulation, then mixed together/distorted/stretched/manipulated. Sounds are from NES Castlevania 2, Super Castlevania 4, SNES Dracula X, Castlevania Bloodlines, and Super Metroid. Source:
  2. Here is my remix of Anything But Tangerines. I used only instruments taken directly from the SNES and Genesis versions of the game, then mixed them in a DAW. It was quite the ordeal unscrambling the crazy sound channels in the SNES version, but that's a video for another day.
  3. Yes, you are indeed hearing pumping. I did that intentionally. Maybe a bit too much? Ha ha. I didn't feel like being subtle with any of this on the chance that it would end up sounding too much like the original. This is the second "literal" remix I've done of SNES music (usually I'm blending in other consoles in addition), so I'm sure my technique will continue to grow and perhaps some subtlety came come back.
  4. Here is a straight literal remix of Ken's Stage for Super Nintendo. As in, I used emulation of extract the highest quality version of each sound channel from the original game, and then remixed it all in a DAW without adding any outside samples or tracks from any other source. Modern EQ, reverb, compression, and guitar amp simulators helped a lot to improve the sound. A few measures of the original SNES sound are spliced in for comparison.
  5. Here is a quick look at how I enhance Super Nintendo music while still keeping it as original as possible:
  6. This is a very straightforward remix using the SNES and Genesis sounds. The arrangement is exactly the same as the original. This was more of an experiment to see what a retro song would sound like if an SNES and Genesis worked together. Basically I was satisfying my own curiosity.
  7. I made this mashup using emulated sounds from Contra Hard Corps, Castlevania III, Castlevania, Super Castlevania IV, Castlevania Bloodlines, The Adventures of Bayou Billy, and The Goonies II.
  8. As I did before, this is a remix using only sounds made by the original game (and one or two drum samples), except it is a mix of sounds made by many different versions of the game. I used the arcade, Sega Master System, Sega Genesis, and NES. The result feels nostalgic while still being way beyond the capability of what could be done on any one piece of old hardware.
  9. I thought this was a fun pun, so I had to make it. I'll probably make more of these, so we'll call this Part 1. Anyway, this is a straight mashup of Sonic and Bare Knuckle, both from the Genesis. The sounds may come straight from the Genesis, but I had to severely alter the Bare Knuckle songs to get them to fit with the Sonic songs. This mashup includes "Green Hill Zone", "Never Return Alive", "Chemical Plant Zone", and "Too Deep".
  10. So... any of you remixers ever run into this Youtube problem? I just noticed a copyright claim against my song. But the copyright claim didn't come from Technos, it came from another remixer. That...doesn't seem right.
  11. I used Winamp with various .vgm and .nsf plugins, plus some comparable program for SNES songs. I loaded up the emulated game music for each system and muted all channels except for one, and captured each individual channel from each game in this way. Then I was able to tempo match and key match each individual track and mix them together. In a nutshell, all of the sounds you are hearing are the actual emulated sounds from the original games to give the remix a nostalgic feeling. But since there are so many more instruments including a mixture of wavetable, FM, and oscillators that no single piece of old hardware could do, the mixture also ends up seeming a bit new.
  12. Here is part 1 of my Double Dragon remix. It uses original instruments from the arcade, NES, SNES, Genesis, and both Master System soundtracks. Everything here was generated from the old games. I was going for a nostalgic sound, but "more" than what it was. Enjoy.
  13. This remix of Beginning uses instruments generated by Castlevania 3 (japanese), Super Castlevania IV, Dracula X (SNES), and Bloodlines.
  14. This is a remix I made of Mega Man 2. I used Winamp plugins to isolate each individual instrument from both the NES and Genesis versions of the game, then I mixed it all together. Some effects such as reverb, distortion, and pitch shifting were used as well. I hope you like it! Part 1: Title Screen, Main Theme, Stage Select, Air Man, Bubble Man, Wood Man, Quick Man Part 2: Crash Man and Heat Man mashup Part 3: Metal Man and Flash Man Part 4: Dr Wily Stage 1 and a huge mashup of all songs
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