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Looking for name of song or game

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11 hours ago, CHz said:

It's an original, fake RPG song by that person Liontamer linked, M.S. As the animation says at the bottom, the title is just "An Encounter."

Archived download: http://web.archive.org/web/20051226105149/http://sgd.sakura.ne.jp/mus/ms_88_enc.mp3

Sweet! Just curious, how did you end up finding this, @CHz? I notice the base URL is archive.org, but from what I can tell, It's through the "Wayback Machine". Teach me, Great Master! :ph34r:

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So the process went something like this:

  1. Being a huge nerd who spends way too much time on VGMdb, I knew that M.S is a sometimes-game composer who writes a lot of original chiptunes. (This one specifically I'm pretty sure is a PC-88 tune written for Masahiro Kajihara's PMD.)
  2. Since Liontamer already went through M.S's discography on VGMdb and didn't find a song with that name, I loaded up his defunct site in the Wayback Machine to see if he used to have either a discography/works page (in case the song was on an album that's not in VGMdb yet or from a game without a soundtrack album) or a free music download page.
  3. And sure enough, the song was there in his original FM music section. Luckily, the actual audio file itself was archived as well; a lot of times the web pages will be saved but the music downloads will be dead.

Honestly, like 90% of the time my research trick is just "used the Wayback Machine in the right place."

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