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Melodically, it's too conservative, IMO, but if the arrangement were personalized in other ways beyond the adaptation to the chippy instrument set and new (though repetitive) beats, then it would have a chance; that's just my one opinion, but I think a vote on this as is would be "it's a good listen, but too close to the original without some other changes/additions to help it stand apart more from the original"

At 2 1/2 minutes long, i.e. when it's on the shorter side, it's important that the track pretty much always stands apart from the original in some meaningful way; if it were longer, it'd have more time to start conservatively but then branch off into other more creative/interpretive directions. That's just looking at it from the OCR standards perspective.

In any situation, it's a fun de-make, and the chippy sound is awesome.

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Well, that sounds like as good an eval as any. I'll come in to pretty much re-iterate Larry on that point: It's quite good, though - the sounds are well spaced, and the synths are pretty meaty. This is very, very close to the source, though, so while interesting and well produced it'd likely not be accepted due to that.

I could see something like this being taken into consideration if the medium were used to expand the source further in a way that other mediums simply couldn't (like utilizing the quick arps the NES is known for, for example), or even just expanded on the original source a bit more, but I agree with Larry that this is a bit too on-the-nose and would likely be rejected on those grounds.

Solid listen, though - I did get a kick out of it, so nice work!

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I'm going to chime in on this one as well since it doesn't have an official "eval" yet


Loving the chip-tuney sounds here, gives it a completely different texture while still sounding similar to the original. The stereo space here in general is nice, and the ping-pong panning you've done on the instruments works out well. That being said I'll agree with the others in that this is basically a clone of the original song; it needs some variation. Interestingly enough you bring in Mining Melancholy at the end just as the song is fading out. Smart decision, but this could have given you minutes of new material and given it much more variation if you had introduced that earlier and played with the idea. There are maybe a couple of nitpicky production/arrangement things I could get into here but honestly I don't think this would be rejected on grounds of production, it just needs to be reworked. Play around with adding in Mining Melancholy and I think you'll see all of the different avenues you have. 

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