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MnP 73: Marvel vs Capcom 2 - Character Select theme

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  • Dex got 1st with 14 points.
  • APZX and Starpheonix tied for 2nd with 10 points. (edit) had that number wrong, forgot to edit it from last copy/paste lol!!

Dex PM me for round 74


Had 3 entries and 4 votes, not bad.  It was a very close round too and very fun entries to listen to :D

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Wow, close competition this time! @Trism There was a tone change in my second section! All guitars and drums got a tone change, but maybe some of them were too subtle.

@APZX Thanks! For the finale I assume you mean 1:57-2:21. I like the drum part I wrote there but I didn't like the way it ended up sounding with the built-in drum panning. I tried to take your comment last time about layering the parts to make the song more interesting to listen to to heart this time, so I did a lot with panning the guitars, organ, trumpets, and sax this time around.

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