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  1. These things happen. Don't beat yourself up about it, bud
    1. Trism


      I had to go back and see when the hell this PRC was from. 2014!! Well done for resurrecting this, I'll give it a listen shortly!

    2. evktalo


      Oh wow, I didn't realize; I only looked at when I posted this on the feedback forums, 2016.. though that's also a while ago :D

  2. What he said! Would be great to have you back on board!
  3. **EXCITING NEWS** We have enlisted the help of @Sir_NutS and the further help of @Chimpazilla to create a 'mock judges panel'. @Jorito will be joining them to round out the team as well. We'll be using this panel to go over the completed tracks for the album and see if they are up to the standard to pass the OCR panel of judges. If a track is not up to standard then I will contact the remixer privately and will relay the panels feedback to them. MASSIVE thanks to Sir_NutS and Chimpazilla for agreeing to help out with this and continued massive thanks to Jorito for everything he's done to help get the project moving again. In other news, we have some new sources available! These were tracks that @Odai and myself decided to omit from the list when the project started up a few years ago, however neither of us can remember why! So here they are, ready to be scooped up by whoever wants them. If you're interested in claiming any available track please feel free to get in touch. DISC 1: REST (Generally calm and ambient/happy) Origins DISC 2: QUEST (Generally upbeat and positive/driven) Shopping Amusement DISC 3: BATTLE! (Generally dark and brooding/heavy) The Gaia Stones In other other news; we're changing up the deadlines for WIP's and whatnot going forward. Instead of a fortnightly check-in regime we're going to be asking everyone to essentially give us progress updates as and when they happen, preferably over the course of a month or two. Relatively frequent contact will be appreciated, just so we know you're still working on the track or if you need more time due to life stuff. With that in mind, if I've already given you a deadline with a certain date please disregard and get in touch with an update when you have. That's all for now! Continued thanks to everyone involved with the project as always.
  4. I am very excited to welcome the one and only @djpretzel onto the project! He's very kindly agreed to pick up the Freedom source and I am extremely excited to see what he does with the track. Welcome aboard, boss!
  5. Voted! Excellent turn-out, thanks to everyone who participated!
  6. This is how the corruption sets in. First he's entering his own contests, next thing you know he's running for President.
  7. @TheVideoGamer Your updated MIDI was excellent, thanks for sharing that with us My bonus entry is in!
  8. Also, please welcome @Clement Panchout to the project! He's going to be picking up the Evergreen source. He linked me to some of the his previous work offsite and I am VERY much looking forward to hearing what he does with this track. Welcome aboard, Clement!
  9. *A MINOR ANNOUNCEMENT* (By which I mean the announcement is quite small, not in the key of A minor. Unless you want to sing along to this post of course. That's totally your choice.) I'm happy to announce that @Jorito will be joining the project staff as Co-Director and @Odai will be moving across into a Project Advisor role. Jorito has a lot of experience with getting album projects completed and up to the required standards, and Odai (as the OG project creator) is staying on to provide assistance where he can and will generally be around the place. Both of them will be copied into all direct messages with remixers so don't be surprised if they weigh in on WIP feedback or similar. Thanks again to everyone involved with the album.
  10. **2 WEEKS POST-RESURRECTION** The two week 'grace period' is over and I've got to say I'm extremely pleased with the amount of people who have returned to the project. We have no less than 15 finished tracks from before we went on hiatus and from wonderful remixer's who finished their tracks while we were away. @Chimpazilla has also very kindly agreed to return as our resident mixer/masterer for the project, so I'd like to say a massive thanks to her as well. Sadly however there are a few people who have decided not to rejoin or haven't been back to the site for quite a while and as such haven't replied to my message from two weeks ago. As such there is a brand new list of source track available for claiming, which is included below. I'll be asking @Odai to update the opening post in due time to reflect this as well. If anyone is interested in picking a source please drop me a DM and we'll discuss further. I will be looking to get this album done, dusted and delivered by December 19th, 2019, which is the anniversary of the EU release date of the game (thank you for pointing that out, @Jorito!) That means that we'll need to get all tracks finalized and evaluated by September in order to give the site staff time to do their thing. Due to the slightly tighter deadline I'm going to be asking remixers for updates every 2 weeks, not necessarily a full WIP update but just a check-in at the very least, though I will of course be flexible where the need arises (I'm not a *complete* monster. Mostly.). AVAILABLE TRACKS: DISC 1: REST (Generally calm and ambient/happy) Sanctuary Nomads in the Desert DISC 2: QUEST (Generally upbeat and positive/driven) Overworld DISC 3: BATTLE! (Generally dark and brooding/heavy) Dr. Beruga Boss Fight A massive thank you to everyone who has returned or even just responded to my increasingly delirious messages over the last 2 weeks. The real work now begins in earnest.
  11. That's not set in stone. If you feel the track fits one of the other categories then by all means mix it that way and I'll rejig the track listing accordingly.
  12. @Argle, it would be an honour to have you on the project. Consider the Castle claimed!
  13. I should also say; @Odai is in full approval of my taking over of this project, I totally don't have him tied up in my basement taunting him with sporadic updates on the albums progress... He's going to be staying on as our resident artist and spiritual support in the background. As the originator of the project as a whole it would suck for him to have nothing else to do with it, so he'll still be around, lurking, like a Welsh spectre.
  14. **2019 UPDATE** As of today I am officially taking over as director for this awesome project. Huzzah! I've contacted everyone who was previously involved with the album to gauge their interest in returning to their tracks and continuing their excellent work. However if people are no longer interested in taking part then their source tracks will become available for claiming, so if you're not currently involved and are interested in signing up watch this space! On that note; we do still have 3 tracks that are unclaimed: Dr. Beruga Freedom Call at a Port If you want to claim any of these tracks drop me a message and we'll go from there. I've given everyone two weeks to reply to my messages, so I'll be creating a new 'state of play' post similar to Odai's original one once that time has elapsed. Watch this space, people!