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  1. @Meteo Xavier I would suggest sending a DM to @djpretzel
  2. Is it worth scrapping the whole thing and starting again with a new director?
  3. My entry is in! Had a lot of fun with it, looking forward to see what Gar comes up with!
  4. I still miss Sega consoles. Their dropping out of the hardware market was very, very sad time for gaming in general. I still maintain that the Dreamcast was one of the best consoles ever made, its a shame that they stuck all their eggs in one basket with projects like Shenmue.
  5. As a big fan of @Garpocalypse's work I am suitably hype about my matchup.
  6. Question: is round 2 starting on Sunday or Monday? Also what time, roughly?
  7. Hey @DarkeSword, are we getting signatures this year?
  8. Yep, all good for the following week for me!
  9. Same here! I went through the video that @orlouge82 shared and picked something from there.
  10. I've not made anything for a fair old while (and my history with these compos usually see's me going out in the first round anyway) but I'll chuck my hat into the ring: 1) Top Man (MM3) 2) Elec Man (MM1) 3) Flash Man (MM2)
  11. Trism

    MnP 93: Zelda (Nes) - Labyrinth/Dungeon

    I thought this as well! I have a track all finished! GAH! *Edit* I'm damned pleased with this track so it must be heard! Uploaded to my Soundcloud here!
  12. Trism

    PRC374 - Nobody Is A Failure (Bloodborne)

    DAMMIT! I mis-read the ThaSauce page and though there was 14 hours left! Well, I made a horrendous thing, maybe Bunda might want to stick it up as a bonus mix or something
  13. Trism

    MnP 93: Zelda (Nes) - Labyrinth/Dungeon

    Oooooooh I'm on this one! Like white on rice!
  14. Trism

    PRC374 - Nobody Is A Failure (Bloodborne)

    Holy crap, that is not going to be easy to mix. Certainly worth a go, though.
  15. Trism

    PRC373 - Time to Thunder (Final Fantasy X)

    Voted! What a cool turnout! I was working on something for this last minute but apparently left it too last minute as the voting has already started. C'est la vie, eh?