OCR03541 - Suikoden II "Do You Remember?"

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Congrats on the first Suikoden II mix on the site since 2001! :-) Great job on the vocals, Joy, and I also loved the solo violin from Trev. The guitar from Joe was also certainly worth the reach-out. Good on Jorito for putting together this collab!

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Wow. This is gorgeous. I actually appreciated hearing the backstory, because now I know how all this talent managed to end up in the same place. There are some really wonderful parts of this: if you want your purity without vocals, try 2:00-2:25, but then you're missing out on the wonder (word choice intended) of 2:40-2:50 and the gorgeous drop away of 3:10-3:20. Serious props for the flute additions and the guitar work of the finale.

What a beautiful, beautiful remix! To all who contributed - you may go your separate ways from here, but your meeting created something of beauty in its time, a claim so few can make. Be proud.

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