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OCR03593 - Banjo-Kazooie "Big Room Gobi"

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I seem to be a sucker for a remix that uses game samples, so of course the track pleases a nerd like me, especially when it blends together with the track so well. :) Unfortunately I also feel like on the other hand it doesn't really seal the deal because, echoing what  Chimpazilla said, the repetition is noticeably high. That said, looking forward to B-laze's next mix – I like where he's going!

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Way to go. You managed to take a quirky fun level and music set and turn it into a quirkier remix. Yay you. Grrr monotone sarcasm doesn't get conveyed in text. :D Honestly fun and enjoyable. I suspect this is going to be a very fast piece in Audiosurf with all the synth.

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