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MnP 79: Megaman X5 - Zero Virus Stage


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  • eggsngaming got 1st with 14 points.
  • Dex got 2nd with 13 points.
  • HoboKa got 3rd with 12 points
  • Silverpool got 4th with 6 points (gettin better)
  • Ronaldpoe got 5th with 3 points.  I gave him 3 for participating!  ;) 

eggsngaming PM me for the round 80 entry!


Surprising amount of last minute turnout, didn't think this round would explode like this.  I had fun participating too! 

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Wow, that was a really close result! Good show everyone.

APZX, I'm curious about what exactly you dislike about the snare on my track. I actually sampled several snares for it (after I'd recorded the midi) and thought I had found a good one with a nice crack to it. Is it the samples themselves that you dislike or was it the way they were used in the track or what?

Also does anyone know if Kat posts here? A few of us were asking about the guitar on her last PRC entry.

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Basically, the snare to me is just a pop. I mean if I listen a bit more closely I think I get where you were going, but I mean in context the drums sound too wet except for the hi-hat which may be what is throwing me off. Still I just don't like the snare. I'd say if you want that kind of big wet snare then gate the reverb on it. If that is the natural sound of the snare then I'd work on de-reverbing it so I could control the amount of reverb present myself. Ultimately, the issue I have is a personal thing. There is nothing wrong "technically" with the snare. 


The hi-hat just lacks movement. You use FL, right? Go to the piano roll and select all the notes for that hi-hat and press Alt+R. Deselect Pattern as that will cause all sorts of funkiness that you're not after. Then select Levels. Under there select Bipolar and then move the "Vel" and "Pan" knobs around, also press the "Seed" buttons and this will give the hi-hat some very slight movement. That is the kinda thing I'm talking about. Takes about 30 seconds.

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