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OCR03603 - Final Fantasy IX "I'll Always Be There"

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I always liked how this song makes you believe that it's going to be some sort of hard EDM, but it's too soft and sweet for that but too fast and with it to be chillstep... I really like this remix, even if it sounds way different to me than the original. I'd argue, however, that that is part of its charm, and anything that gets me to 2:35-3:15 with the kick back to the main at 3:15+ is a good remix in my book! Well done, and particularly for having such a unique sound on a big album!

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Very cool sounding track with a pretty great back story. I hope your little sisters enjoyed it (and if not you still ended up with an enjoyable piece here). :)

That said, I didn't really have an issue with "muddiness" as mentioned in DJP's write up, but I can kind of relate to that comment. I did find throughout the backing trancelike soundscape that was going on is kind of drowning out the main leads and other instrumentation… Bad grammar on my part aside, didn't really kill the remix for me but I would've appreciated more clarity. Then nitpick patrol has arrived! :D enjoyable piece but maybe it's just showing its age. Still good stuff.

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