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Yoshi's Island-'Caves' Theme


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Well, this is an ambient, very minimalistic mix of the before-mentioned theme from Yoshi's Island. I did it a while ago, and found it while deleting a bunch of files and thought it had some interesting tones to it, so I uploaded it. No plans to submit it, but any feedback would be highly appreciated.

And yes. I do realize the volume is rather low. It seems to be a problem with some of my mixes... Maybe my ears are too sensitive... :lol:

EDIT: The mix, which I forgot...doh.

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The instrument the melody has too slow an attack. It's almost impossible to hear the melody. I also think the 1½ minutes of the same, repeated background is very boring. The whole thing sounds like something from those old Arnold action movies... It picks up a little bit at 3:30 or so. Again, the melody instrument has much too slow attack, and it's pretty annoying, too.

No, I'm not a big fan of ambient. :) I think you could throw in a few seconds, at least, of a more steady and upbeat cover of the original. Most people will barely recognize what song this is.

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This isn't bad. The volume is my main concern with this. I think that the intro lasts a bit too long, but still, I love the overall mood of the piece. Taking this theme in an ambient direction is one of the last things that I would've thought to do, and I think you succesfully pulled it off.

That being said, this would be a lot better if you added some more sounds, not a whole lot, this is a minimalist piece after all, but just a few would go a long way here.

I liked the sound you used for the lead, but it became hard one the ears around 3:30.

I'd have to say that I'm about half and half on this one, I love the theme, mood, title, and concept. However, I think this just needs a boost in volume, as well as a few more sounds thrown in around the piece so some parts (your intro, for example) don't drag on as much.

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