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Super Mario 64 - Dire Dire Docks (Ackatos Remix)


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Starts out pretty conservative, but eh, I never really get tired of Dire Dire Docks remixes. There are plenty that I think you might also want to hear to get inspired; here are a few:




What I think you could still work on, if you still like your arrangement as it is, is the humanization. Each note you have sounds like it's quantized (rigid, robotic, computer-perfect rhythm), and very similar (if not identical) velocities/intensities. Try to imagine how it would be played on the piano, and emulate that by manually varying the velocities and rhythm (even slight adjustments on rhythm help). In a syncopated 4/4 time signature like this one, you probably want to emphasize the "1", the "and" of "2", and the "and" of "3", followed by the "1" and the "and" of "2", of the main arpeggio, while the rest of the notes can be quieter in comparison, to create a typical phrasing.

As an example, compare these to see the difference.

https://app.box.com/s/pmwybgad4who5679p9xvuxdnnmqshas5 - Completely quantized and identical velocities

https://app.box.com/s/lr9nxha1zbg5vfcxufqqvuiz9vjnliyu - Quantized, but not identical velocities

https://app.box.com/s/jjapuupib9zfypwoew1ecr31nlq8siw4 - Humanized

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Mmm, very peaceful, very calming. I really like how this opens up - atmospheric and conservative (the source is good enough where this is effective ;)). Then we get a cool, EDM, sidechained four-to-the-floor right after, which is a great way to give this your own spin. A small bit of advice on the lead in the middle of the track: when it hits some high notes, it's pretty piercing (and thus, painful to the ears). Not a big deal since it only hits the highs for effect periodically, but some envelope to the levels so the synth isn't as loud would help make it less painful.

Overall, though, I enjoyed what you had here. Thanks for sharing!

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