3. completed Chrono Trigger ~ Manoria Cathedral (Meditation for Solo Piano) + Sheet Music

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I've done Chrono Trigger arrangements in the past, but the short 14-second theme for "Manoria Cathedral" has always been one of my favorite pieces of music from the game. Since the original theme was so short, I decided to do an improvisation based on that theme and flesh it out.

My good friend Nathan offered to transcribe the piece and ended up finishing it in just a few hours. The sheet music is linked in the video description. Hope you guys enjoy!




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Oh, this is really good stuff. The direction you took it was perfect to get nearly four minutes out of such a short source - breaking up that arp in the beginning, then expanding on the source in a more recognizeable way later. It has the effect of making the source almost obvious on a second pass, even though it was elusive upon a first listen.

I love it. It's up to you, but have you considered sending this to OCR? I'd love to hear it there, if you're willing.  ;)

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