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[Fan Art Competition] -December- VOTE VOTE VOTE


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There is like 6 hours left and I have two entries.

What the heck?

Whoa, really? I was expecting more, like 5 or 6. I'll send mine by midnight tonight (yes i'm on thee east coast), as finished as it can get, so you can make that 3. I know that if i just expect to make it purty, i'll never submit anything. That'll teach me anyway, to just try starting all over the day of the deadline, tsk...

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You're gonna have mine in 5 mins from now, if DA finally uploads the friggin thing D:

Edit : ok, after 15 mins, DA still doesn't wanna cooperate at all, gonna upload it on imagecave or something. That's totally my luck : i finally decide to participate in the FAC and i'm having the worst luck with all of my usual image uploading sites.

Edit 2 : imagecave worked <3! sent

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