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Piranha Plant's Lullaby (Super Mario 64)

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I like how you continued to add to the song as it went on, keeping it an engaging listen while staying close to the original peaceful feel. A reserved feeling of interpretation, if you will. I've heard a number of approaches to this tune, and I think you've got one that could add to the site's repertoire. Nice work.

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Sorry for the wait on a review; happy to check this out for you. On a minor negative side, I thought the light warbling effect overstayed its welcome and I felt like I was hearing the same types of effect loop/trigger a lot to the point of sounding repetitive; it's a small issue and that part was a background player. Other than that, the arrangement approach was excellent, and I agreed with Garrett and Souperion's praise. Definitely submit this if you haven't already, and it'll get at least one vote from me on the judges panel. :-)

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I've reviewed your remix and have set it to Completed status, indicating that I think your remix is ready to be submitted to the Judges Panel. Congratulations!

If you feel like you still need to work on your track and want more feedback, you can change the prefix back to Work-in-Progress and we'll go through the review process again.

If you decide to submit your track, please change the prefix to Submitted after sending your email. Thank you!

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