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OCR03738 - Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening "Mysterious Gold Edition"


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DJP wasn't kidding when he used the word BRILLIANT, because I don't think there is a large enough or bold enough font choice on that word to match what's in this remix.

This is straight up one of, if not the best, most professional sounding hip-hop lyrics I've heard on the site to date. Instrument wise everything shined, although I found the drum/cymbal break around the 2:50 mark a bit jarring. But the ridiculously tight lyrics managed to work so well in that section (as well the rest of the song) that it's an incredibly minor nitpick on my part.

You guys CRUSHED it!

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I loved this game when I played it as a boy - it had a feel of mystery and exploration that not all Zelda games have.  This song brings me back to some of those feelings of wonderment that the game brought about. Really impressive, from the lyrics, voice, and background music.  It's mellow and has a nice vibe.  I agree with the comment above that the percussion addition around 2:50 is jarring; the initial thought I had on my first listen-through was that everything else was so clean, and that part sounded a bit messy.  On the second listen-through it doesn't stand out quite as much.

Either way, this one is saved for listening to in the future. Very nice work!

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