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OCR03768 - Secret of Mana "No Cab, Fan Pride: Boku No Infinite Thotty Gaiden"

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So i've heard a few versions of this thing and while part of me is impacted by "its different now its not as good" mentality, its fascinating to me just how much his music changes from the WIP stage to the finished product. I think the Frank Zappa comparison is pretty legit - its got that kinda wild almost humous creative streak to it thats so zany its funny. That said, I'm still not entirely sure where all these crazy ideas even come from - its like crazy wacky alien music with a pulse.

I will close this out by saying that I fucking love Sir J I want to have his incredibly funky babies. That is all. 

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Yep, this is definitely a Sir J's work. Truly wacky, crazy, making every second of listnening experience like "WTF duuuude?!", but, of course, absolutely enjoyable and simply terrific in every possible way. While the intro is more reminiscent of his sleepy mellow OoT lullaby jam (for me, at least), the rest is nothing like a relaxing ballad at all, since this brilliant blend of rock, jazz, prog, funk and disco will keep your toes tapping just right until the very end. Blistering chippy synths, spicy hot guitars, quirky brass stabs, sunny flute solos, wonderful xylophone and piano bits - this song has it all! So if you're into any kind of madness, be sure to check this one out! Mad props, Jordan, for such a sick work!

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