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OCR03771 - Final Fantasy X "Revelation"


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On 8/10/2018 at 2:46 PM, lemnlime said:

So classy. I'd love to see some of Materia Collective's work put on CD someday since I'm not a big fan of paying for non-physical media.

That's really too bad, because you're missing out on some really good stuff. The debut album (Materia: FFVII Remixed) was absolutely awesome. I think Successor (FFVIII) is more hit and miss (like a lot of sophomore albums), but it too has some really good tracks in a lot of different styles (if you like this track, check out Ruby Toung's Valse for the Moon from that one, I think it's on iTunes and other digital distributors). Zodiac, the FF Tactics album, and Spira, the album this is from, also have a lot of fantastic arrangements, many of them classy, minimalist, and organic like this one. And I'm only talking about the FF stuff here; their hub has just a ton of different stuff: different source materials, different artists, different styles. Some of it you don't even have to pay for to listen to once or twice, because it's on Bandcamp. I would recommend that anyone who likes OCR check out Materia Collective as well. 

As for this track itself, there really isn't a whole lot to say. It's fantastic. I'm a big classical music junkie (a big part of why VGM has always appealed to me so much), so chamber music is among my favorite styles for mixes. Sean Schafianski's arrangement is top-notch, straightforward enough to please fans of the original track but with enough style-appropriate embellishment that it's definitely not a straight cover, and the performance and recording, as always from Triforce Quartet, are flawless. Fantastic mix, glad I listened to it again. Might need to listen to the whole album again soon!

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