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In honor of a certain someone getting into Smash, I made this

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Is it sad that when I read the title, I was hoping that this was a Ridley mix?  :D Still glad to hear the King is back. At first I was a little confused by timbres, kinda felt like popcorn (cause that is totally a way to describe sound). It is a good cover, very upbeat and energetic, but I felt like the leads used for the melody were a little, what's the word, shrill? Flat? I dunno how to articulate it. How about this, the leads could use a little bit more oomph. I really love the rolls in the percussion though, almost caught myself headbanging to 'em. And of course, yes, you should remake more stuff.

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Pretty faithful little GameBoy-ifying version, and you got the rock transition down smoothly. But yes, as others have said your lead has some very shrill ringing harmonics around the :42 - 1:05 mark, and then again when the same section plays over. And then again during the next section. I'd EQ/filter that stuff out, for sure. 


I like the weird popcorn kettle drums a lot, haha.


There's a bit of strange tempo skip, or maybe a missed drum somewhere at about 2:49, as well. 


This is one of the most hype tracks of the mid 90's for me, so I'm glad you gave it some love, especially since I don't think the DK Land version of DKC got this song... (I might be wrong)!



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