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OCR03778 - Uncharted 4 "Some Distance"


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So excitied to see this on the front page! I must admit, I've never played this game, but seeing Alex's name here makes me really happy :) While he doesn't have a lot of works, I can tell there's always something quite chaiming and distinctive about them, and this one is no exception at all. Of course, it's pretty different from all of his previous stuff with this crazy mash of post-rock, chamber, cinematic, and whatnot. However, if you listen closely, you can still find a slight resemblance between some of his earlier ReMixes and this one. For some reason, Radiowar's wonderful "What's Left" is what instently comes to my mind when I listen to this track. Now, speaking of variety here, I'm absolutely stunned here. It's certainly one of those cases when there's so much diverse instrumentaion in a single track that you keep asking yourself all the time "how EVEN is this gonna work?", and yet it all makes sense and simply sounds cohesive. Brilliant! You can easily call this a great rollercoaster ride for your imagination :) Don't miss this one and download it without hesitation.

P.S. Looking forward to seeing more from Alex here!

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Really great drums on this, and exceptional use of cymbals especially. I've given this a couple listens every week since it was posted, and I get something new out of it each time. It's one of those tunes that, maybe because of it's spiraling structure, I always want to play again right after it's over. Honestly, one of the best OCR tracks I've heard in several years.

"Leafcutter" was always in my OCR HoF, and I think this will be in there as well. Two tracks by the same remixer!

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