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Duke Nukem 3D Mix


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Alright , I've adjusted my approach at making an OCR and created this; my Duke Nukem Mix.


It obviously needs some remastering on the audio levels and quality, and the ending is a bit dry/plain but it's the bulk of my work. Opinions and criticism would be really nice. This is not even close to a midi rip, either. I didn't touch anything.

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I'm glad someone's remixing something from Duke Nukem, OCR definitely needs some more Duke Nukem love.

The Good: This mix gets props for covering a game that has an underloooked soundtrack. I also liked the breakdown part around 1:30, pretty cool stuff there.

The Bad: The main melody seems buried underneath everything else, your samples/synths seem like they're all FL presets, there's not much going on with the drums, and for the most part, the arrangement isn't very interpretive.

The Ugly: The synth that starts off the song is very ugly sounding, and stays throughout almost the entire piece. If you plan on updating this song, taking that synth out or at least toning it down should be your first priority.

Cool idea remixing something from Duke Nukem, but it's gonna need a lot of work if you want it on OCR.

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Thanks a bunch for the feedback, I'll do my best to improve it and I'll post back when I have a better version, maybe/probably later today. I'm aware of the bad mixing job too, most of the work needs to go that way really.

As for why it stops after 5 seconds, that's because myspace is horrible, my apologies.

Any more suggestions are appreciated!

Edit: I ran through it again and adjusted a few things and made a second mixing of it... www.myspace.com/thealexharmon is where it's at again. Let me know if/how I can build off that if you would.

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Not bad. I never really noticed the music in Duke 3D, I was usually too busy blowing up mutant pig cops and freaky aliens with jetpacks to listen to it.

It sounds like you've got something good here, though. I'm no expert musician or remixer, though, I just like techno.

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