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OCR03841 - Skies of Arcadia "Legend in the Making"


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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR03841 - Skies of Arcadia "Legend in the Making"

@Sbeast was one of the first to sign onto the album and one of the first completed. He had originally started up his own Metal-only album for the SoA soundtrack, but it unfortunately didn't gain much ground and wallowed in obscurity. I didn't really seek him out (to my recollection :D ), and he in fact sought me out once it was clear we were signing on remixers for the album. He adamantly wanted the Vyse Theme since he had claimed that track for his own metal album and wanted to at least see his vision of the piece realized in some public form. I admired his passion and loved his enthusiasm for the source material.

Since I was unaware of his capabilities as a remixer, unlike @Deedubs, where I knew what I was getting into when I sought him out, I was curious to see what sort of track we'd be receiving. I was very pleased and being a metal fan myself, ecstatic at what SBeast delivered. Delivered around the same time as Deedubs and a few other early bird remixers, they laid the groundwork for what my expectations should be as a director on what sort of quality I needed to be enforcing for tracks on this album. It was this shining example that helped me decide on using a few judges and their graciously offered time to help polish and improve 90% of the songs submitted to the project. Thank you again, @Sbeast, and many others in trusting me with your work. 

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