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OCR03864 - Final Fantasy VIII "Wanderlust"

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Talk about a song whose depth is greater than its surface!! I really like how the song establishes the melody before letting it become the throughline and quietly bringing your attention to the creative and thoughtful ambience. Give this until 2:15 at least and just listen to what's going around the main chord walk - the more I listened the more I was impressed. Bonus points for the perfect introspective feel; it's like I'm sitting in a high tower on a rainy day, looking out the window. Evocative piece!

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Oh yes. I always liked how the first few seconds of the source sound open, pure, and calm, and I love how this mix takes that starter vibe and just rolls with it. No hurry - just plenty of reflection while smelling the roses and feeling the light breeze on my skin and being at peace.

The piano also reminds me of the opening to Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind. I can see those giants walking across the burning wasteland right now...

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