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OCR03962 - *YES* Twin Cobra "Blade Pitch"


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Artist: Sir_NutS
Name of the games arranged: Twin Cobra
System: Sega Genesis/Mega Drive
Name of the arrangement: Blade Pitch
Name of the individual songs arranged: Break a Leg! (BGM 1-6)

Link to Remix:

Link to Original:

My friend F4T4L and I are fans of crazy synth rock FM tracks with screaming guitar lead solos on the Genesis, so one day I decided to give this one a go.  At the time of release for this game, Taito was putting out great arrangements for their arcade and home console games, and this is one of them.  Full of energy, drive, and crazy solo arpeggios which are all a great fit for a SHMUP.

I thought I would give it the same treatment with my remix, so I kept the same fast bpm but upped the ante on the arrangement by going even more ham with the soloing and expanding on the original arrangement with new sections.  The synthwave style I thought was a good fit as well, given the date of this arrangement.  I added a few references to the game such as the helicopter blades that can be heard in the breakdown (not a sample, made with synths!), and a lead that cuts right through the mix.

I had quite a bit of fun with this one and it also helped me get back into making music again.  Enjoy!

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It's not often that I hear Nuts add crazy solos to his work as his style is usually a lot more texture-driven.  But in a synthwave arrangement like that, it felt like they were a necessity to maintain the high-octane momentum.  Combined with his usual great production skills and an excellent choice of synth timbres, it's a well-produced fake-retro track that profoundly demonstrates his presentation chops.

The arrangement relies more on the intro section of the source, but it's the most riff-driven and fitting for the genre.  The solos at 0:43 and 2:50 are well expressed and both climax with brisker notation just before switching back to the source melody.  The only rendition of the core part of the source is at 1:35, and even then the melody had been playing around with while still maintaining tonal familiarity with the original BGM.  It's like a source melody that sounds like an original solo to the untrained ear - it's clever stuff.

Again, no problems with Nuts's work here.  Let's see it on the front page ASAP.


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