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OCR03895 - *YES* Hollow Knight "Goldpath"


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On 2/27/2019 at 4:14 PM, MindWanderer said:

The mixing help shows; it's a little louder and deeper than Rebecca's usual work. 


Not sure how much her brother had a hand in this one but it indeed sounds a bit louder and less delicate, neither better or worse, just different.

That aside, this is yet another good piece from Ms. Tripp.  I do think this one is much closer to the original than other submissions in both feel and arrangement, and I think it could've been pushed a bit more on the interpretation side of things, but the original's style closely resembles hers so it would be harder to achieve this.  Either way, I don't have that many gripes, other than the low wind instrument that serves as a backdrop to a large portion of the track, and it kinda gets in the way sometimes, and it just drones on one note for too long.  But overall, solid stuff.


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