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*NO* U.N. Squadron "Hit and Away Is My Style!"


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Remixer name: ctcross and deepeejr
Real name: Alex Drach
Email address: 
Website: none
UserID: 35829
Note: My collaborator prefers to be mentioned by his nickname, "deepeejr" only. If that means only crediting him in the body of the submission that's fine!
Link to song: 
Name of Game Arranged: UN Squadron (SNES)
Name of Arrangement: "Hit And Away Is My Style!"
Music composed by Manami Matsumae, Mari Yamaguchi, Takashi Tateishi
Name of Individual songs arranged: A medley of songs including: "Introduction", "Briefing (Stage Select)", "Store", "Front Line Base (Stage 1)", "Boss 1", "Quartermaster Corps (Truck Stage)", "Front Line Base (Stage 2)", "Boss 2", and "Mission Clear".
Brief comments: My friend (deepeejr) and I grew up loving this game, and we were shocked to find out how few covers/remixes there were to this game's amazing soundtrack. We each recorded different parts of the lead and rhythm guitars. The drums and bass are MIDI, as well as a few synth instruments in the Introduction and Briefing (Stage Select) portions of the song. Also we sprinkled in a few sound effects sampled from the game which felt appropriate. The cowbell in the middle was a non-negotiable addition to the arrangement.
My aim in this song was to more-or-less mix it as an organic-sounding rock tune as played by a 4/5 piece band. I took a hands-off approach with plugins and processing of the guitars. The drums have a fair amount of parallel compression and (perhaps excessive at times) reverb, but I wanted them to be featured prominently. The overall mix tends to be bass-heavy, since the bass is such a key and prominent part of the original tunes from the game –  for example, in the Store theme. The bass sound itself hearkens back to a more "faux" sounding instrument, reminiscent of the bass sound used in the original soundtrack - which I felt actually sat better in the final mix, more-so than a more natural electric bass sound, given some of the bouncy/zany basslines the original soundtrack brought to the table.
Overall it was a really fun piece to work on, and for my first submission to this site I hope it is up to the high standards that so many other arrangements have set. Looking forward to any thoughts/criticism you may have.
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I could take time to nitpick the production--the lead guitar is frequently buried, for instance--but the main issue is that this is a medley of covers.  For OC ReMix, Medleys need to not sounds like a bunch of individual songs strung end-to-end, and this very much does, with abrupt changes in key and tempo and no real transitions.  Also each section is either a straight rock cover or very close to it.  A couple of sections have some original arrangement elements tossed in, like the SFX in Boss 1 and that cowbell, but they're minimal.  We look for arrangements that are more transformative interpretations than this.

It's a very good medley of covers, but that's not what we look for.  Thanks for submitting, though!


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  • Liontamer changed the title to 2019/02/20 - (1N) UN Squadron "Hit and Away Is My Style!"
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It's a decent track, but it's clearly not for ocr.  The arrangement of the different tunes in this soundtrack  is too similar to the originals and there are basically no transitions between the different themes, making this very much a medley.  We don't reject medleys outright if they're adapted so they sound like a single cohesive track, but this is not that.  It's not bad, just not what we're looking for.  However, I do see that you guys have the skills to make a great adaptation, so if you guys decide to submit something with more transformative elements, I'll definitely be looking forward to that.


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  • Sir_NutS changed the title to 2019/02/20 - (2N) UN Squadron "Hit and Away Is My Style!"
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3. Acceptable Source Material

2. Submissions incorporating more than one source are allowed, but are not given special consideration or leniency with regard to the submission standards.

  • Your submission will only be assigned to a single game in our database, regardless of how many games' music it contains.
  • Your submission must have a strong focus and direction. Medleys must sound like a single song, not multiple songs pasted together.

Besides the mixing losing some of the high-end and muddying the textures up, this was well performed. However, like the others have said, it's structured like a medley with no meaningful transitions or cohesiveness in the writing/arrangement between the themes.

Some good OCR rock medley examples are here: 


Great energy here, Alex and Deep, we just only accept medleys structured to flow like one overall composition.


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  • Liontamer changed the title to *NO* U.N. Squadron "Hit and Away Is My Style!"
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