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OCR03886 - *YES* Kingdom Hearts II "Dear Serenity"


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Attached is my arrangement of Dearly Beloved. Here's a DB link to the track just in case: 
Contact Information:
- ReMixer name - TuneInWithChewie
- Nestor Estrada
 or main website: www.nestorestrada.com/youtube
- userid 35202
Submission Information:
- Kingdom Hearts (1 and 2)
- Dear Serenity
- Dearly Beloved
- Composed by Yoko Shimomura. 
I've always been a huge fan of Yoko Shimomura's work on the Kingdom Hearts series (and more). It took me a while to figure out the direction I wanted to take with this one. I bought some new modules for my eurorack recently and while experimenting an idea began to take shape. That idea became the foundation for this track. Everything else fell into place right after. I reached out to a friend to perform the oboe part I had written down and everything else was performed by me using analog gear, guitar, bass, and virtual software (some of which I sound designed myself and programmed to be playable through Kontakt).
Nestor Estrada | Composer
 | Website | IMDb
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This is an interesting arrangement. I'm not sure what kind of style it was going for, but at the very least it was engaging, getting people wanting to know what comes next. Some of the performances and instruments are just immaculate - that piano and oboe are some of the best I've heard produced on here. The arrangement itself takes some graceful liberties with the harmonies, and they work very well.

The guitar performances are pretty good, too, though the release on the guitar could've used a low pass; that high EQ range gets cluttered really quick. I'm not too impressed with the drums; they sound mechanical and as if they were just thrown in there, which is disappointing considering how carefully crafted everything else sounds in this. The fade out ending was certainly not the greatest way to end this, either, but I think we'll get over it.

Overall it's still a good pass on my end. I think there's some trimming around the edges that could've been done to make it better without compromising your vision, but it's definitely not below the bar. Great work!


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Really good stuff here.  What I enjoyed the most was the detail in the ambiance textures used throughout the track, though that's only one thing that makes this track pretty awesome, as arrangement itself is pretty creative and unique.  some sections like 2:22 or 4:07 may throw off some listeners used to the original due to the unusual harmonies and structure but I really loved them.  The production side of things is good as well, with great sequencing and performances.

The fadeout ending is kind of a bummer, but there's tons of attention to detail everywhere, great production and most important of all, oozing creativity.


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It's an eclectic mix, keeps you guessing despite flowing smoothly.  The guitar work is a little gritty and sits oddly with the clean rest of the soundscape, but that's more a stylistic thing than an objective complaint.  Kind of reminds me of the Life is Strange OST.  Given how strange the rest of the arrangement was, the fade-out didn't bother me at all, it was just another oddity.

It's original and memorable.  Let's get it up.


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