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OCR03946 - *YES* Sonic the Hedgehog "Pax Eggmanica ~Sear & Reave~" *PROJECT*

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Contact Information

>       ReMixer name: HeavenWraith
>       Real name: Antanas Palaitis
>       E-mail: 
>       Website:
>       Forum user ID: 50325

Submission Information

>       Game: Sonic The Hedgehog (1991)
>       ReMix Name: Pax Eggmanica ~Sear & Reave~
>       Original Name: Scrap Brain Zone
>       Original Author: Nakamura Masato
>       Link to the file: 
My submission to the "Speeding Towards Adventures: 25 Years of Sonic the Hedgehog" album.

This track started off as a rather simplistic prog metal, instruments being that of a metal band plus a few synths. Over the course of the song I noticed that some of the synths did not sound well when under the spotlight and I just needed that heavy brass sound... and the pandora's box was opened, bam, almost full-blown symphonic orchestra. While the arrangement was very taxing to do, it was also interesting to work on. Combining all the different elements into one cohesive soundscape was quite a challenge and mixing was, admittedly, more than I could confidently handle. Nevertheless, even if it's not perfect, the mixing job is still better than my previous works, so I'm just happy that I've improved.

Incidentally, this is the first track I have recorded with my first guitar that isn't garbage - Schecter Hellraiser C-1. And oh boy, as some of you could've guessed, that thing has a Floyd Rose. I really abused the thing in some of the solos and divebombs.

Inspirations? Mostly Nightwish. A sort of fusion of colder atmosphere Oceanborn style and bombastic symphonic feel of the later albums. Some of the orchestration techniques and tricks I picked up from Hirano Yoshihisa (Hunter x Hunter (2011), Ouran Highschool Host Club, Death Note).

To wrap up, when looking back I believe I made several mistakes when planning this track which are too late to fix now, but I believe it's still a decent piece of music and can provide good times for those who enjoy prog metal and/or symphonic metal.


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I'm going to quote-vote myself from January 2017 when the project was first presented to us for approval:


Man, Antanas has improved so freaking much since he first joined the site and was getting form letter rejections.  And that was just 3 years ago!

Arrangement: Off the hook.  Some listeners may have a hard time making the connections, especially since this focuses on the less catchy section of the song, but it's all there, and the truly original sections are really short.  I love how there's a brief completely orchestral section near the end that deliberately goes discordant before getting destroyed by the guitar again.

Production: It does get a little too busy throughout--for instance, at 0:17, an accompanying instrument of some sort joins in, but I can't even identify it.  I think it's a string section, because a string section does come through at times, but it's so muddy I'm not even sure it's the same instrument.  Otherwise, this is great stuff.

HeavenWraith's even better now, but this still sits with the best.  One of the highlights of the album IMO, and an easy


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This track stood out to me when I heard the Speeding Towards Adventures album, mostly because it handled Scrap Brain in an exciting melodic metal way.  I can argue it also sounds like it can fit in a modern JRPG with the chord progressions used, the way the melody was adapted to fit in and careful sprinkles of smaller parts of the source to compliment some of the more original parts.

Talking of which, I had to go back over this a few times and figure out where I can identify the source:

0:08-0:50 - part of intro leading into first verse section, referencing source intro and melody A
0:52-0:54, 1:02-1:04 - piano roll referencing bass breakdown in the original
1:09-1:29 - melody references melody B as well as the intro from original
1:33-1:49 - second verse section references main melody A
2:14-2:17 - part of guitar break references part of melody B
2:43-3:02 - organ part goes through melody A
3:24-3:26, 3:33-3:35 - piano roll like before
3:43-4:01 - orchestra part covering melody B straight
4:06-4:21 - a repeat of the 1:09-1:29 section but with no reference to the intro this time
4:36-4:39 - outro references source intro

Source usage totals up to 2:26, or around 52%.  It barely makes the source use quota, so consider this a risky direction that paid off!  But please, make sure to keep looking out for where you use the source material in future submissions.

As for where the instruments sit in the mix, they all sound clear for the most part.  Some further EQ separation between your piano and strings/organ could have further distinguished them, but the way the other instruments are placed in the mix more than makes up for it.  Those drums also sound a tad bit damp for my taste, but I can feel them pushing for that big rock sound you were seeking.

To summarize, this is the most unusual take on Scrap Brain I've ever heard - and with the amount of care gone into the vision and presentation, I'm clearly in favor of seeing this make the front page.  Rock on!


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This is a pretty solid progressive track.  It is a bit hard to make the connections for I'll say around 30% of the track but for the most part it's recognizable.  I found the track a bit muddy in the low-mids but nothing egregious or that would make me consider rejecting this.  The instruments do start to get lost between each other in the fuller sections i.e. around 2:03 and 2:26, thankfully it's also not a huge issue.  Solid performances all around.  

I dig 3:43 and its subsequent destruction.


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holy shit, this song is nuts. those opening chords are like Brütal Legends-level of metal in an awesome way.

i agree that it gets muddy in a few places, but i didn't mind it enough to note where i noticed it. if anything, it added to the feel. i also agree that there's times that the arrangement is simply trying to do too much. the transition at 0:27 is an example - there's some discordant chimes and orchestral parts, but i can't hear hardly anything over the sustained lead. that said, this style is so guitar-heavy that the focus isn't really on that enough for me to worry about it.

i really appreciate the way that you allow for some sonic diversity with the sections like 2:45 where the orchestra takes over. i get that bombastic orchestral prog doesn't lend itself to dynamic contrast, so if timbral contrast is all i can get, i'll take it. it's timed well and fits in well without feeling weird. i also appreciate that you completely turbo ultra murderkill the guitar part straight dead for the whole song. superb job and attention to detail. i'd say the investment in a new axe has paid off, but that'd imply that you aren't a critical part of the equation.

3:43 through the guitar entrance is such a creative moment. i can't wait for others to hear it. superlative job.



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