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*NO* God of War (PS4) 'War Never Changes'


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ReMixer Name: Aesaire

Real Name: Li-Wen Oh
User ID: 34323
Game Arranged: God of War (2018)
Name of Arrangement: War Never Changes
Name of Individual Song Arranged: God of War
Original Composer: Bear McCreary
Link to Original Soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9hh91-2iaA
My primary goal was to create a God of War theme distorted by the influences of modern electronic music. The secondary goal of this remix was to create an orchestra of digital synths that would emulate some of the characteristics of the physical instruments in an orchestra. 
Envelopes were shaped to mimic the build up of tension and release when played by real musicians. All instruments and sounds, except the drum samples and some of the sound effects, were digitally synthesized. The original choir was replaced by dubstep style growls and glitches to give it a more aggressive sound. 
The ending was rewritten as I wanted the track to act more as a standalone piece of music rather than a part of the soundtrack. It's more directed, with a better sense of purpose that ultimately leads to solid resolution.
Thanks for listening!
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It's an interesting idea, but it suffers from some serious mixing issues.  There's a very loud white noise sweep over the entire thing that interferes with literally everything.  The entire soundscape sounds dully and muddy as a result.  It's such an issue that I'm finding it hard to evaluate anything else about this.

The structure of the arrangement seems fine, but I have to reserve any opinions about the rest of the production until that sweep is cleared up so I can hear everything.

NO (resubmit)

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Cool approach, with a more dystopian sound to it. The arrangement was pretty straightforward melodically, so no issues identifying what was being arranged. MindWanderer's right that whatever white noise type of layer is over this is undermining your presentation here, and the overall mixing makes things too indistinct. A good example of that was from 2:36-3:23, where the electronic noises were louder than the leads and you're left with a muddy ball of noise without a clear enough direction, which happens to be in direct contrast with the "better sense of purpose that ultimately leads to solid resolution" you mentioned in your submission letter.

Really all you need a revisiting of the mixing here to get this passed. The arrangement itself doesn't need to be changed in any way and sounds good. You've done a good job personalizing the sound, you just need to clean up and clarify the mixing so that that white noise-style sheen is gone and your parts are properly balanced/positioned for the final third. If you need more explicit feedback/guidance on this, consider posting it in either the Music Composition & Production or Post Your Game ReMixes! forums and ask for targeted production feedback

Nice job so far, Li-Wen, please stay on this!

NO (resubmit)

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This idea sounds neat - a digitized orchestra makes me think this is what Wendy Carlos would do if born 50 years too late!  It follows the structure of the source up until 2:38, where it decides to do one last build based around the central three-note motif.  Surrounding all this, the choice of synth textures and percussive sounds are so distinct and compliment the track's vision.

However, the production isn't quite there yet.  Firstly yes, that white noise layer either needs to go or be significantly quieter in the mix.  I can argue it provides percussive energy in the high-end when there aren't many other high-end sounds present. As of right now, it's distracting to the point of borderline piercing.

Another way to remedy the soundscape not having enough high-end is to transpose some of your sequenced synths up one or two octaves, then EQ so that its higher frequencies have more of an emphasis.  A lot of your synths also occupy the same tonal space and some can benefit from a technique like this, while others can have cuts in one area so another sound can get a boost in the same place.  Techniques like these can cut back the muddiness harming this mixdown.

Trust me - this is a cool idea, and I suggest you leave the arrangement as it is.  All it needs is a cleaner mixdown, and I would consider it golden.  Please stay on this track - it'll be amazing to hear something like this on the front page!

NO (resubmit)

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