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OCR03927 - Final Fantasy IX "A Formidable Mischief"


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Well, the song has its ups and downs.

All of the ups are in the music itself. Its got a good beat and the flow is really there.

The lyrics on the other hand sound a bit odd?
Like they were recorded separately from the audio, or possibly you weren't directly listening to the music while reciting them in some segments? (due to too much focus on getting the words out in time)

There are a handful of cliff-face pauses where the hesitation in the vocals doesn't line up with the flow of the music, and the lyrics don't have intensity matching.
Such as when the octave changes for the background music the vocals just sit on the same intonation value.
And then the two aforementioned traits merged with the wording flow to make a few issues with how the lyrics "bounce" with the beat.
Possibly too many large words or too many syllables which create their own rhythm that kind of clashes against the audio. Or even loosing track of the rhythm in small bursts due to lyric over-saturation.

Its like making a poem, where you match the beat values in each line, or every other line etc,
there are only so many syllables you can place in a line before it makes its own time signature, or breaks into a new one.

-Back -to -reali -ty
1.-Speaking of -verse -totali -ty

You can cram sixteenths in, but if you try to put too many words into a line, and go too fast, in order to hit the rhyme beat it smears the beat up.
If I try to cram too many words into the second bit, I can hit the rhyme beat by smashing the words together, but It breaks from a 4 beat down to a 4 beat with an extra chunk.

-Back -to -reali -ty
2. -Speaking of the -new verse -its own -totality

In my example here, each - has a -3 -3 -3- 3 beat slot behind it, but in the second it swaps from a -4 -2 -2 -4. It hits the rhyme speed, but it stutters the line down against the prior -3 -3 -3 -3.


I'm not sure if this is any help, for future mixes, or mahyaps my text is just garbage you should ignore.
But I hope you keep at it.

This is getting closer to something great. It's a feeling like something you see around the edges of your eyes, but can't quite directly focus on, ya know?


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