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Looking for an old remix

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Hey everyone,


I'm looking for a really old remix that is no longer on the site. It's called "Distant Lands" and is by the artist named Drisak Kanan (MetalVapour). The song is a remix of The Song of Time from Ocarina of Time on the Nintendo 64.  I have it on my computer but the file has become corrupted I think because it no longer plays correctly. I've scoured the internet looking for a new copy but I can't find it anywhere!! If anyone has a copy please let me know, it's my favorite Zelda remix of all time!

Thanks so much!

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19 hours ago, Nase said:

adding to the list, i've been looking for sin wars by daknit, bard of tarot.

I know I have a copy of this at home.


I may even have the Distant Lands track. I have a bunch of old OoT remixes I got quite some time ago. I'll post later tonight after work if I can get them uploaded somewhere...

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