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  1. I didn't have it. And Liontamer posted a link leading to Sin War. Man, I feel useless all the sudden.
  2. I know I have a copy of this at home. I may even have the Distant Lands track. I have a bunch of old OoT remixes I got quite some time ago. I'll post later tonight after work if I can get them uploaded somewhere...
  3. This is probably the only legit necro I have ever seen.
  4. Mine was Dragon Warrior when I was about 5. It was 'birthday money' but still it was my money. Beaten it so many times I couldn't tell you how many, and I always tried to pit myself against the game in ways it wasn't intended, like trying to get the Erdrick's Sword/Armor at level 7. Lots of dying and retrying... like, lots. But I eventually got Sleep to work against that damned Axe Knight in Haukness for more than a few turns to Hurt him to death, then praying I could exit the town without a random encounter. Fun times. Soon after that, it was Battletoads. My siblings, both older and youn
  5. Ok, I have watched that scottish version like 6 times and it gets better every time. That was an entertaining find.
  6. Some of the ones that came after my initial post I had to give myself a facepalm. "Duh, I knew that" I'm quite surprised I missed so many. I gave all of them at least a quick listening to.
  7. --- justinofthejungle [Techno]drome http://www.vgmix.ocrmirror.org/vg1/[Techno]drome.mp3 Pretty obvious for most, but this one is from TMNT 2 - The Arcade Game for NES, the Technodrome level. --- HolyDragon Shh! Don't get Yourself Kille http://www.vgmix.ocrmirror.org/vg1/Shh! Don_'t get yourself kille.mp3 This one is from Doom 2, I think the track from the game is actually called "DOOM", or "The Waste Tunnels" --- Evan Pattison In the Wake of a Legend http://www.vgmix.ocrmirr
  8. Possibly Imposter Syndrome? No one is a harsher judge than themselves.
  9. Ah yes, the good ol' level 'Control'. I always stood at the front of the room (under the big monitor screen thingy) and fired from there, then you only had 180 degrees to worry about. As for FF7, I always laugh when people say they haven't beat Emerald but have beaten Ruby. I think Emerald is by far easier. I have a savestate where, at level 82, I can beat him with almost 12 minutes left on the timer.
  10. Around Utah Lake. Ya know, the one everyone always jokes about being filthy (they're not wrong).
  11. Yep. Not a remixer though, just a lurker/fan.
  12. I made this statement in jest. In all honesty, I requested recordings because I love piano renditions of VGM music. It's the only reason I wish I had learned piano in my youth. I guess you could say I'm a bit jealous.
  13. You can't say you have performed pieces and not post recordings/videos of said performances. Pics* or it didn't happen.
  14. I meant it was sensitive while the system was running.
  15. I've been using Winamp for ages now, and I can still download the latest version just fine, 5.666. I have a pro license, and it still activates just fine, and the converter works great. Not sure why you're having so many issues. If you're looking to convert files, you can also use Foobar2000. Works great, and it's free and in my opinion, more flexible.
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