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Yea!  More Reminiscity!  

My standard caveat: I don't have technical music expertise to be able to give a ton of advice about it, but as a layperson, the main instrument (the wind instrument) sounds a little too pronounced over the rest of the track.  I don't know any of the technical verbiage to use to explain how to fix it, so hopefully someone like @Gario comes along and provides more constructive advice. :)

I love the direction that you're going with this, though!  I hope you keep working on it!

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For the technical aspect brought up on the "wind" lead (more likely a synth), it sounds like a minor mixing concern - it's mixed considerably louder than the other instruments surrounding it, which makes it punch through the rest of the mix too much and gives you less sonic space to work with overall. It presents a twofold issue: it makes one item sound out too much over the other items, and it limits how loud you can make the rest of the track (since it only takes one loud instrument to hit the -0 mark for a limiter to consider it "clipping"). It's not THAT problematic an issue, but it's something that could be toned down, improving the quality of the overall track somewhat. On the bright side, it's the lead that's punching through, so at least it isn't a texture or something overpowering the lead (which is a considerably worse position to be in).

Pretty gentle arrangement, and definitely a different direction to take the track. I like it, here's hoping you can get it to what you consider finished sometime soon. ;)

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Nice chill remix. I have to agree with Gario, the lead flute is too loud and I feel like it could blend better with the remix, right now it sounds too "midi".  Perhaps you can also try to experiment the lead at different lower octaves at times to mix things up.

Other than that I am digging the vibe.

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Possibly the most laid-back remix of this track I've ever heard, but it totally holds my interest. I like the beautiful, soothing pad work, and the drawn-out builds and releases (that nice rush of wind at the 2:00 breakdown is a great moment). Your percussion's super sparse, but there's a slow rhythmic quality to the low synths in many places that makes me think of gently lapping waves.

Agree with previous comments that the woodwind synth is a little dominant throughout much of the piece, but as Gario said it's a fairly minor quibble. I don't personally have a problem with the woodwind sample itself, but I do feel like the two higher synth string notes we can hear at 3:45, 3:59 etc. sound a bit MIDI-esque. That's just another small nitpick though.

I also assume the title of the piece is a nod to Purity Ring's Lofticries? :) Nice ref, haha

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