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OCR03948 - Skies of Arcadia "Brain Sound Tilt"


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I was unfortunately hands off for most of this track actually. Modus was the primary middle man when it came to contacting and recruiting Guifrog. In fact, it wasn't until the final weeks of track completion that I was able to talk to Guifrog directly on instant messaging. So, most of the feedback going between us went through Modus, so this turned into more of a track where I had little involvement in terms of critique and input on overall direction. Despite this, Guifrog was phenomenal in turning something that two other remixers struggled with and made it his own and in record time too! I don't think even a month went by before the near finished product was plopped on my lap by Modus when Guifrog sent it to him. Definitely a standout track in an album of so many standouts!

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Well, I gave Guifrog "Biolizard" from Sonic Adventure 2 as a reference because, as he hinted, I felt it had that 'psychological confusion' aspect. That ended up combining with his penchant for upbeat vibes.

Being a massive fan of Guifrog's work and who he is as a person, just someone who has been through struggles and finds joy and reprieve in his creative work.. I was uplifted and amazed with what he came up with. Gui is one of those artists I hope to meet some day. There's just something really kind-hearted and honest about him.

Thanks so much Gui for being a part of this.

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