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So I grabbed the GDQ19 playlist that was posted a few weeks back and was looking to download all the OCReMix songs, but also make a torrent file that only downloads the specified files.

Like, the list is nearly 1800 songs, OCReMix makes up about 800. I have a list of only ocremix songs from the full thing. Now is there a way to download all those based on a textfile list. Other than either downloading 800 songs individually or the 14gb torrent.

I can clarify if something doesn't make sense.

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I can't think of a single bittorrent client that has really robust file selection capabilities. The use case is so small and so specific.

If you really want to do this my suggestion would be to instead download everything and then maybe write some kind of script that deletes any file that's not in your text file.

But then you're also missing out on like...3000+ other remixes that you might also like?

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Transmission, for OSX, lets me pick folders or files to include or exclude, and prioritize some over others. Dunno if that's standard for torrent clients. There's apparently an early build version of the Windows version of Transmission, but I can't speak for how well it works.

I don't share the concern about missing out in case of more selective listening. I started out listening exclusively to Zelda mixes, then started listening to Metroid mixes as well, and now I've got probably every ocr release, including many since removed. Some of my favorites are from games I haven't even played. Small selections are bite-sized explorations. Consider a work-out selection, a winter holiday selection, a Halloween selection, a night-time driving selection, a romantic evening selection, a chill background groove selection... 3k mixes can be overwhelming. A few hundred is already a lot.

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