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OCR03956 - Octopath Traveler "By the Flame"

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Finally some Octopath representation! This game is one of my personal favorites  - it's just absolutely beautiful. From the graphics to the gameplay, everything about it is elegantly done and I can't get enough of those gorgeously rendered backgrounds. Of course, the music is also included in this; the OST is phenomenal. I have friends who've never played the game listen to the soundtrack nonstop because it's just that good. Onto the mix though - I love Rozovian's chill aesthetic, and it fits perfectly with the slow, often relaxed nature of Octopath's OST. Flamesgrace in particular is one of my favorite tunes because of how warm it feels (ironically, considering the snow) and Rozovian keeps this feeling while adding some additional depth and twists as well. A great mix of a great game :) (also Ophilia best girl)

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Just the other day I saw the track was in the to-be-posted queue. And now here it is. :D Uh, merry... late summer?

(also Ophilia best girl indeed)

For Rexy's benefit: I was playing around with the 1:48 part of source from 3:18 to 4:18, followed by some minor scale variants of melody A until 4:48. (insert appropriate sneaky fox meme here)

It's worth saying I really enjoy Rexy's analyses of remixes. She's got a crazy in-depth one of Dragonfood, and I keep coming back to that one to remind myself I've made something that someone has listened _that_ closely to.

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