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  1. Finally some Octopath representation! This game is one of my personal favorites - it's just absolutely beautiful. From the graphics to the gameplay, everything about it is elegantly done and I can't get enough of those gorgeously rendered backgrounds. Of course, the music is also included in this; the OST is phenomenal. I have friends who've never played the game listen to the soundtrack nonstop because it's just that good. Onto the mix though - I love Rozovian's chill aesthetic, and it fits perfectly with the slow, often relaxed nature of Octopath's OST. Flamesgrace in particular is one of my favorite tunes because of how warm it feels (ironically, considering the snow) and Rozovian keeps this feeling while adding some additional depth and twists as well. A great mix of a great game (also Ophilia best girl)
  2. Wow, this is beautiful. That part at 1:50 touches your soul, which is really weird since it's not really that type of music. I really love this theme, especially the Brawl version, glad to see another remix of it. Amazing work!
  3. Definitely wasn't expecting this take, but holy moly it sure is good. There's really not much to say here other than it's freaking beautiful. Thanks so much for this gorgeous piece of music!
  4. Same thing every year, I just want Sunshine 2.
  5. Nostalvania's 7/8 stuff is always ridiculously good, and this is no exception. I don't even know man, there's just too much creativity and groove and everything in this mix
  6. I like the arrangement a fair bit, but what really sticks out to me is the playing - you manage to make everything flow and connect and make the piece very emotive. Virtuoso like tbh.
  7. Beautiful. Slow, relaxing, and chill, this feels like the perfect way to end off a tiring day with a dance on a boat in the middle of the calm, serene ocean, ready to face the next big thing. Going to be listening to this one a lot.
  8. Oh how I love Nostalvania's weird time signature jazz work. Really natural variations with a super smooth bass line makes this a chill af listen that is perfectly reminiscent of the artist's style.
  9. Man, this is CRAZY; really catchy backing track, rappers that got the flow, and insanely clever lyrics; "I literally carry the team when I carry the team," "I'm dat echidna, but I ain't a kid, nah," and much, much more amazing stuff. Gotta love this track.
  10. Chill intro, then we really get into the beauty of Sir Jordanius' mind. There's just so much uniqueness and creativity going on here, with some crazy whistling skills and mad singing (EVERY CAR IS ALWAYS IN MY WAY). Frikin amazing mix! Maybe listening to this will get me through traffic faster...?
  11. Very cinematic, definitely feels like a film score. Fits the theme of Halo really well. Great production with a lush, full soundscape as well. Good work!
  12. The opening string section sounds rather classical, while the rest of the track is more modern, but I guess it works. After the intro, the mix is so chill and relaxed, giving a perfect feeling of mellow accomplishment. This is so refreshing and gives such a nice, fuzzy feeling. The ending violin section worked a lot better than the one at the beginning imo.
  13. Man, I can totally imagine this playing during the final epic showdown between Mario and Bowser. I can envision the face off, then the circling around, then Mario grabbing Bowser's tail and doing a hammer throw, etc. Intense and banging, this is THE theme for a boss battle against a massive koopa.
  14. Solo piano fits the source quite well, and this mix does a great job of conveying the ominous and spoopy feeling of the source and Halloween. I have a minor issue with the piano pausing shortly, for instance at 1:36, but that's really just nitpicking. Good playing and solid arrangement, and an overall great mix!
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