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OCR04127 - *YES* Pokémon Black Version "DJ Snivy's Smooth Moves"

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Overclocked university and Oceansandrew
DJsnivy’s smooth moves 
Pokémon black
Route 12, gate, Musical: "A Sweet Soirée
A mix of some of my favorite tracks from Pokémon black, I really love Hitomi Sato’s chords, and I think I’ve blended the three themes pretty well. Has a good dance beat and some funky bass playing.
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i heard this one a while ago when the spring break set was released, so it's fun to see this enter the queue for me now.

andrew's come so far as an artist since i got to know him on the Radical Dreamers project. he's always been a superb guitarist - as shown here! and i'll never forget him shredding anything that was thrown at him at jamspace every time i was at magfest - but the progression he's made as an arranger showcases his work ethic as well as anything. i love the melding of styles here - you've got some clear jazz elements represented in the chords and articulations at :39, there's the fusion of edm and rock at 1:30 when he brings in the lead on his guitar, and a real pop ballad feel at 1:44 when he brings the dotted quarter pads. the whole package is superb.

my complaints are minimal. on an execution standpoint, at 0:39, the first one or two chords meld together a bit, and sound funky until i've found my footing there. it happens once or twice elsewhere, and i think it's at least partly due to the pad that's playing them not speaking right away and then moving stepwise to a new chord. a bit of an earlier release might have helped there. beyond that, i did notice that the kit has some fun fills and humanization in the hats, but as a whole the main snare that's on two and four feels loud even for edm standards by the end. i think the mix would sit easier with that being just a bit lower. lastly - and this is the one that will really matter - the ending for this version goes into the next track, and we'd need one that actually ends so it doesn't sound like it's missing content. that's an easy fix, no doubt - the song has an ending with an extended fill layered over it, so removing that fill is all that's needed.

this is a fun and energetic mix that combines some great themes in a fun way that features some of the best aspects of OA's style. with a proper ending instead of the extended fill into the next song, this is an easy vote.



Conditional (on the ending)

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Yep, clean production, smooth integration of the sources, just solid all around.  I just have a few tiny nitpicks: those weird chords prophetik mentioned; there's an instrument that sounds like a triangle that starts at 1:44, always hits with a double note, and sounds at kind of random locations and with random panning that I find distracting; the bass (piano?) at 3:23-3:31 sounds weird as heck.  It's all minor though.

Otherwise it's just that ending, which really does sound bad as-is.  A single final drumbeat would probably be good enough.

YES/Conditional (on the ending)

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  • Liontamer changed the title to 2018/12/03 - (3C) Pokémon Black Version "DJ Snivy's Smooth Moves"
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I totally dig this.  The guitar is ace, and the bass is making me smile big time.  (is that you Deia?)  Loving the entire soundscape and writing.  I hear the weird chords, and the weird triangle thing, but they don't bother me much at all.  My only real nitpick is the drums feel repetitive after awhile, and that abrupt cutoff ending really reveals the loopiness of it.... oof, please fix.  This is super fun though, yes indeed.

YES (conditional, please to fix oof ending)

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  • Chimpazilla changed the title to 2018/12/03 - (4C) Pokémon Black Version "DJ Snivy's Smooth Moves"

There have been discussions regarding how to handle the ending fix, as Andrew is unable to do so due to his current work schedule.  All parties have mutually agreed on a fadeout, which is something that @Liontamerhas stepped up to do.  This track can now get moved out of the queue.

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