OCR04011 - Terranigma "Beginning of the Journey"

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Terranigma... I don't remember much of it, aside from it being creepy and having looooong cutscenes... I may have to pick it up again.

Ponder this as you listen:

When the sky is the floor, and the floor is the sky.
Which path do you travel forward?

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Timeless, evocative, and full of anxious longing. Departure was the song that lodged my mind into the game for the first time. I distinctly remember the awe and wonder at the piece's emotional force. The SNES had some amazing tracks, but this one wouldn't be out of place as the centerpiece of a cinematic epic or similar venue. Thank you to all of you for bringing this piece and album back to life. 

On this day, Terranigma was resurrected.

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Oh my goodness, this is beautiful! I was uncertain what I was in for at the start, but then those arpeggios started and I was transported back to a magical moment in time when it was me and Ark setting out on a whirlwind adventure in a strange mirror world!

I love that the chord voicings have largely been preserved from the source (I usually find remixes that make big changes to chord voicings, or even the key, rather jarring). I also love that there's been a lot of elaboration and invention injected into this work!

This is now easily one of my favorite remixes, and I wanted to express my appreciation for the skill, dedication, and love wielded by its makers.

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