OCR04012 - Terranigma "Find My Way"

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Beautiful vocal harmonies, a unique mixed choir of mmmmms, a delicate flute solo, & blend of acoustic guitar, accordion, & hand percussion actually give this a warm, comforting, winter holiday vibe - would have fit right in on Hometown Heroes!

Fun fact, I almost did repurpose it for Hometown Heroes! By that time I had already been talking with Odai for a bit and the Terranigma album was showing some vague hints of life. I guess it worked out great in the end; I got to do a few cool tracks for Hometown Heroes *and* for Terranigma!

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Wow, I'm shocked this track has no reviews yet! Well, I have to say, this is really really good :)  Definitely one of the best folk tracks I've heard in a while. It's a kind of song I could easily associate with a leisure stroll through a town/field/forest, and I guess that makes perfect sense. And, hey, there's accordion - hooo boooy, do I love it! This world really needs more accordion, especially in any piece of VGM, hahah. 

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