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[SOLVED] Looking for artist

Wally Garcia

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Hello, I'm getting old and in my old age I'm wanting to tag all my music properly, but I've run across a song that I've had for forever and a day and I can't seem to find out where I got it. I've looked through all the old Zelda sites I remember using over at the internet archive, but have had no luck. Maybe someone here knows who made this remix of Gerudo Valley?


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Not one I've heard either (and I've heard a lot of Gerudo Valley... by choice... it is a favorite).

This remix you linked to is real neat. If you ever get more information, make sure to post back here to share with the rest of us.


JAN 20th EDIT: Apparently, I would have heard this when listening through the VGMix archive. I concur with @Lemonectric that this is "Sandstorm Ballad" by Rellik.

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Dang. I tried YouTube but then after a minute, I realized...before 2004. You're best bet is to keep crawling. Internet Archive is a pretty hefty place full of stuff so if you have a feeling you may have found it there or not, it's the best place to start. Good luck.

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On 1/19/2020 at 12:23 PM, Lemonectric said:

This is "Sandstorm Ballad" by Rellik, previously hosted on VGMix. I have it on an old CD.

I cannot thank you enough! I thought I had already gone through the VGMix archive, but since I didn't know the original name I was just looking under 'Gerudo.' Seriously though, I cannot overstate how much you have made my day. You may have in fact made my entire year and made all of last year worth it. Time to run off and let everyone else that was helping me know. Thanks again!

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