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  1. Yeah, Uetmasu was always very talented at making simple but iconic melodies for specific character's themes, and (in my opinion) FF6 was especially good on that, with so many characters having their own personal theme. Regarding remixes, I can't remember if it was submitted to OCR (surely yes, and probably the place I found it first), but I have my best memories with Ailsean's "Terra in black". It was sometime around early 2000s, I was totally unfamiliar with the VGM remix scene and that one blowed my mind. This tune could be remixed in thousands of genres and styles and still sounding great.
  2. Wow, free stuff, and it's related to FF music! I'll definitively try! :D It's really hard to choose only one track because I love a lot of the FF classic ones, especially in the SNES era. But if I can say only one, then: Terra's theme, from FF6. The melody, the feeling, the samples... everything is simply amazing on this one! It's like mix of heroic, emotional and courageous, very fitting for a character like Terra, who I was in love with when I was younger.
  3. Probably old news at this time, but just wanted to post here to send the congrats and thanks to all those involved on this amazing tribute album. Terranigma is not that kind of game you hear covers/remixes of everyday, yet you folks did the whole soundrack! Even the tracks that were of minor importance in the game are very well arranged and very appreciated the effort. Many of the melodies from the game holds a special place in my heart as I remember playing this game when I was a kid, oftentimes getting stuck and resuming the game few months or years later, then getting stuck and trying
  4. I'm not a musician or remixer but I strongly support the idea of someone doing a remix of these last battle tracks together. I think it would fit all very well in a consistent way, similar to how Dancing Mad from FF6 fits with its 4 parts. Same for the 2-parts ending. H*ck, a full tribute to this incredible game's soundtrack would be more than worth! It's a pity I can't help with this.
  5. This album cover looks great! Especially Yomi; we need more fanart of Yomi! Waiting for the "box" to be released on the real world
  6. Wow, that's great! I'm one of the lurkers following this album project with enthusiasm since Terranigma is one of my very favorite RPGs. 2019 (maybe 2020?) looks promising for fans of JRPGs with albums like this one and the others for Lufia II and Golden Sun. Thank you very much for all the great music as usual, I wish you all the best!
  7. Hello! I'm searching for the music of I-Chu since years too with not much success. The only track I still keep in my hard drive and backups is the one from Tales of Phantasia (Fighting of the Spirit). Once while searching for more on the net I was able to download two more tracks: the boss themes from FF6 and FF7. Unfortunately I can't find anything more. Here are the 3 mentioned files, if someone is still interested: https://www.mediafire.com/?m4lwh244lo1qwhs The old website is still visible via Web Archive but the downloadable mp3s was not archived there (I guess because the weird wa
  8. Long time since release, but I have to say it: this is a really amazing album! I always loved Castlevania IV and its soundtrack, so "weird" and unique, and it's a pity that most of the tracks (with the exception of Simon's theme) are so underrated and almost no decent covers of them. This album, homever, makes justice. A great tribute to a great soundtrack. In contrast to the previous two volumes of this trilogy, this third one feels more varied, balanced and consistent. Many metal tracks, many orchestrals, many synth/electroincs and many everything, but all in its proper way. Making someth
  9. I'm not a musician myself, so that's my opinion as just a humble fan/listener who knows this site since many years ago and tends to visit this forums "in lurker mode". To be honest: I had some unfair prejudgements about OCR and repetitive music in a past. Even worse: this absurd prejudgement leads me to blame electronic music as if everything included in so wide and varied genre was like that. Obviously I was totally wrong with this nonsensical idea. Maybe it was similar to that in some point of a far past, I don't know. But now, with a more open mind and after listening to much more of
  10. OMG, I did the calculation reversed! Damn dyscalculia! XD But better in this time, because I can listen with speakers in higher volume without annoying my neighbours
  11. Hey, cool trailer! All tracks sounds varied and consistent in the same time. Very epic orchestrations but also many guitars and not too much electronic (electro is nice, but I always though OC Remix has too much of it in most of albums, in my opinion). I'll put my ears online for the release party. 4PM MST is 8AM in Spain (UTC+1), right? (time zones are soo confusing... xD). And thanks again for all the work with this project, people!
  12. Oh, great, the expected date will be finally accomplished! (I did read before about possible troubles and delays) I actually played the game lots of times and it is one of my main favorites, but this is a very good time to play it again. CV4 never feels tired or repetitive. And this time I'll wait for halloween especially to get this awesome album! By the way: the previous two volumes are very great too, but I have some special feeling with CV4 and maybe this makes this last part even more special for me
  13. Hey, congrats for all the work! I was following this project since many time ago, as well as visiting regularly this website and forums and some other VGM-related sites "in lurker mode". But just wanted to exit from the shadows and say "hello" in this topic because Castlevania IV is one of my favorite videogames (as well as one of the first I ever played) and I have very good expectations about this project. Especially from some artists I already know and like (I join the party of those "Castlevania metalhead fans who worship the goat ). So, congrats again for all the work you are doing a
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